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Escrow Administration

Iowa Bankers Mortgage Corporation is a full-service mortgage servicer. And another benefit we provide banks is hands-free escrow administration.

  • Insurance premiums related to property hazard insurance are generally paid out of escrow by IBMC 10 to 15 days prior to the policy’s renewal date. If you have questions about your property insurance coverage, send an email to
  • IBMC is responsible for obtaining tax statements and payment of real estate taxes from the escrow account. CoreLogic is utilized in the fulfillment of this task. If you have questions about your property tax payment, send an email to
  • IBMC performs an initial escrow analysis on all loans it services. Subsequent analyses are performed annually to ensure proper levels of funds are held in escrow.

If you have received an insurance claim check from your insurance company for damage to your property, reach out to us via our customer service line or email us at Depending on the investor, we will advise what steps you will need to take to have your check processed.